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December 17, 2021
The Flynn Woods Preserve trail has Blazes now! Signs will be up soon.

November 13, 2021
The WTCP (Weesaw Twp Community Park) northern trail has newly constructed bridges over the outlets of the old orchard dams. The cleared trail begins behind the Friends of New Troy Community Center. It is not cleared from the marsh to Weechik Rd, so it's a "there and back" trail for now. I would rate the trail moderate to difficult as it is not broken in yet and has some ups and downs along the way. DO use it with caution! Tirrell's Trail is open for use with a strikingly beautiful view of the marsh. If you are interested in helping with the construction or maintenance of any of these trails, you can contact me at!

October 27, 2021
The MFP/YFP trails have Blazes now! Make some time to see this years Fall Colors at these magnificent combined preserves.

September 29, 2021
A new hiking trail has been added. Tower Hill Woods trails are walk-in accessable from Tower Hill Road, however the northern part of the property is reserved for guests of the Tower Hill Camp & Retreat Center. Blazes are planned.

August 16, 2021
Two new trails were extended last week. Blazes will be added soon.
FWP White Oak Loop is finished for summer hikes and the MFP/YFP trail system is now complete.

August 1, 2021
This collection of maps were added to help you get out and enjoy nature. I have made every reasonable effort to insure accuracy in this information. Keep in mind that trails change due to human intervention or acts of nature and it is the sole responsibility of every trail user to know their surroundings and to plan their hikes with pertinent information.


The NBAS Nature Study Trails (NST) has over 4 miles of trails and around 60 acres of forested upland and wetland habitats. Depending on the trails you visit, you will discover a large assortment of native flora and fauna living in harmony with ancient beaches, wide ravines, streams, a planted prairie, marshes, hardwood forests and seasonally wet flatwoods filled with scrub-shrub wetlands, pit and mound topology, vernal pools and rivulets.

The trails are maintained by students & staff, volunteers, and the many trail structures have been added by scout members and neighborhood volunteers. The trails are populated with painted rocks, Storywalks, a Little Free Library, and groomed for cross country skiing for year round fun. These trails combine the schools "NBAS Nature Study Trails," Chikaming Open Land's “Turtle Creek Preserve” and the City of New Buffalo’s “Turtle Pond Nature Preserve,”

Remember that wetland habitats are fragile and easily damaged by human activity. It is best to visit them in small groups, and to avoid wading through areas of soft muck soils and shallows where sensitive plants and hatching amphibians may occur. Boardwalks and bridges are being added by volunteers to improve access, and to reduce human impact.


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Anyone who has been around me for any length of time has picked up on my enthusiasm about the natural history and natural communities of Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana; this is a direct result of my passion for hiking and curiosity. I have hiked and re-hiked the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan in any kind of weather, even the “Gales of Hurricane Sandy” (P.S. my wife claims I'm touched) and Im always willing to share my experiences.

Trekkmode AKA Pat Fisher ▪ President Harbor Country Hikers

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If you are interested in learning more about these these trails – Harbor Country Hikers (HCH) presentations and slow paced hikes focus on the biodiversity along our trails and the forces that created these wonderful places. Visit or to find more about who we are and when & where our next hike is. TY, PatF.